We are hosting our annual Pheasant Photo Shoot in November which showcases many of our English Setter and Pointer rescues.  So many of these dogs find themselves dumped into over crowded high kill shelters because they are not hunting or are not winning in field trials. Some are seniors. Because of our research into tick borne disease the last 10 years, we are finding that nearly 100% of these dogs are infected with at least Ehrlichia, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountian spotted fever.  With diagnosis and treatment, many of these dogs regain their natural hunting drive. We work a lot of these dogs on pheasant and shoot with cameras to help promote our cause.

To help support the cost of the event and for those that can't attend the event, we are having a fundraising raffle.

​RAFFLE #1: Robert Abbett framed print, "On the Edge of a Cornfield" triple matted with archieval materials. Frame measures 28" X 36.5" This piece retails for $450.

​RAFFLE #2: Orvis Chocolate Couch Dog Bed. This bed measures 40" X 26.5" and is for
dogs 40-60 lbs. This retails for $200.

RAFFLE#3: Quail Forever English Setter XL T-shirt and Cap. This retails for $25.

​Ticket prices are $5- $7 each. This raffle will go through November 19th at 9pm.  Winners will be announced on IBR Facebook and will be contacted by email.  Shipping cost will have to be paid for by the winner unless transportation can be arranged.